Wireless EarbudsCrowdfunding Video

Raised funding: $156,622Backers: 1,963

About the project:

We shot an eye-catching Kickstarter campaign video for a new client, a pair of hybrid active noise-canceling headphones. Despite the product featuring no new technology, we were able to frame the benefits in a way that attracted nearly 2000 backers, earning the client over $150,000 USD in funding.


We learned new filming techniques and utilized special effects to capture the perfect angles. No matter the project, we do everything possible to show the product in its best light.


This earbuds is an audio product, so we put special care into syncing the filmed footage with the rhythm of the soundtrack. This created an extra layer of emotional depth for the viewer.

Behind the scenes

We owe our success to the positive energy and synergy within our team. We’ve worked closely on dozens of projects, and our creative abilities grow with each new job. Take a look at a day on set below.

Our videos don’t just capture attention – they’re remembered by viewers long after the screen goes dark