Smart Bottle
Kickstarter project
Raised funding: $270,182Backers: 2,849

About the project

This is a self-cleaning smart water bottle with a built-in UV-C purifying light. We worked closely with the client to create a Kickstarter campaign for the product. Our campaign attracted over 2,800 unique backers and more than $270,000 USD in funding. In addition, we caught the attention of the press and bloggers, earning for this product glowing reviews around the web.

Our Process

The development of the campaign was separated into two parts: content creation for the Kickstarter page and video production for the Kickstarter video.

Behind The Scene

During filming, we go above and beyond to achieve maximum quality within the client’s budget. We do this by creating our own sets and effects and by utilizing affordable labor from around the globe.

Thanks to our efforts, the campaign was funded by 2,849 unique backers for a total of $270,505—over 50x the initial funding goal.