Heating JacketKickstarter Project

Raised funding: $2,486,136Backers: 7,161

About The Project

This is a high-performance jacket with built-in carbon fiber heaters. It is graphene-infused, lightweight, waterproof, breathable, and durable. We created a Kickstarter campaign and helped the client raise $2.5M in funding. The product was so popular that it achieved $1M in funding in under one week.


We shot the video and product photos in a variety of locations with completely different weather and topography. This was done to capture the all-climate, all-season benefits of the product. At times, we had to create our own weather effects—a welcomed challenge.


When a suitable location wasn’t available, we used a green screen, and our editing team recreated entire landscapes. We worked on a tight schedule to minimize costs for the client. Despite having a sizable crew and multiple actors, we were able to meet deadlines and deliver a winning crowdfunding video.


We worked with professional actors and models of various ethnicities to make the product appealing to a wide audience.

Web Design

At the client’s request, we created two versions of the landing page in different styles—one with a classic vertical structure and one in a unique asymmetrical style. Our expertise allowed us to bring the client’s idea into reality by creating something completely new.