Floating LampCrowdfunding and Web Design

Raised funding: $2,486,136Backers: 991

About The Project

This unique product is a multifunctional desk lamp with a levitating bulb. For this product, we created a Kickstarter campaign, package design, and instructions for use. The product was successfully crowdfunded for $180,000—surpassing its funding goal by 1800%. It continues to sell via eCommerce on the web page that we designed.

Full Range of Services


We wrote a script and drew sketches of the future video.

Product Photos

We shot the lamp from every angle using special technology that allows us to capture the highest-quality images.

Lifestyle Photos

took photos in various locations with different people using the product.

Video Production

Our team shot and edited the video. We then added special effects to boost engagement.

Kickstarter campaign design

We created a campaign story that details the benefits and value of the product in a way that drives conversions.

Social Media Content

We designed ads and memes for Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram.

Landing Page Design

We developed a concise landing page that is optimized for mobile and desktop.

Package Design

We created stylish and practical packaging for the product.

User Manual Design

Our detailed user manual helps customers get the most out of the product.


We shot hours of video and more than 200 photos in various locations to ensure we had the necessary footage to make the client’s ideas come to life. The large amount of high-quality material will continue to benefit the client for future advertising purposes.

Our fine-tuned Kickstarter campaign attracted 991 backers in a short period of time

Fully Responsive Design

The landing page was designed to load quickly and display correctly on any device.


The webpage layout holds readers’ attention from the headline to the footer. Each page has a cohesive message and a goal.

Our aim was to communicate how our product creates a cozy atmosphere and modern charm while detailing its practical functionality.