Antibacterial TowelsCommercial Ads Shooting

About the project

The challenge was to create a bright, catchy brand video showing the uniqueness of antibacterial towels. During the production of this video was done: designing a location in SketchUp from scratch and building it in our studio (from flooring, painting to buying furniture); creating and drawing a storyboard, casting an English-speaking actress, 1 day of filming, editing, VFX/SFX and coordination with voice acting / music, color correction and final rendering.

Behind The Scene

During the shooting, we do our best to achieve the highest quality within the client’s budget. We do this by building our own locations and creating effects in special programs.

Final Video

The term for creating a final video is 30 working days. The video production was completed on time and at a high quality level. Watch our Commercial Ads for this product below.


How to place an order for a promotional video?

On our site, press the button Get Launched, in the page that opens, write the name, e-mail address and the name of the service you want to order.

How long does it take to create a 1-minute commercial with special effects?

20-30 working days or more depends on the level of complexity of the work.