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Whether you are creating a website, logo, graphics, or etc., the design will always play a vital role in all of these. Companies and businesses that don’t have a dedicated creative team will often outsource their design projects to creative agencies. The ONZEGO Production has been one of the premier choices when it comes to production and design services.

Founded in 2014, our team has managed to secure its seat in the list of leading video and creative agencies in all of Ukraine. Our main goal is to tell stories of products that change the world and you can evidently see these on the projects we handled. For 7 years now, our team has been dedicated to translating our client’s ideas into reality on screen and whatever medium they wanted it to be.

Today, we are looking to celebrate an incredible milestone as we record our first ever Clutch review. Our team is very excited to share this amazing review with all of you and to celebrate our debut on one of the biggest and well-respected ratings and reviews platforms in the B2B industry.

This review is not only our first but it is also garnered perfect ratings from across the boards. Without further ado, here it is: An e-commerce company has partnered with us to help with its design efforts. The client wanted to expand their digital channels which included their website and specifically their e-commerce channels. At first, our team’s task was to handle the graphic designing efforts of the client. We started with packaging design and eventually handled various designs services. Today, we also handle the website design and creation of the content for their social media accounts.

We are also in charge of photography, videography, and editing. As a matter of fact, our company even created a dedicated in-house studio and create a video production team in order to answer these requests.

For a detailed explanation of the results, here is the client’s co-founder to share their experience with us:

We’ve been working with ONZEGO for four years, but it’s hard to say precisely the impact of their work. We think their designs look good and they convert customers, but we’ve never A/B tested their design against other designs.

You can also check us out on the Top Design Firms website where our team is recognized for our talent in both the design and production industry. Check us out today!

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