Our Studio

Our Short Story

Onzego is a team of 15+ audio-visual innovators dedicated to bringing your ideas to life. Founded in 2014 in Ukraine, we specialize in audio-visual content, photography, and product design for crowdfunding campaigns.

Unlike traditional studios that have a top-down (and creatively restrictive) structure, Onzego is a collective that celebrates differences and risk-taking. In fact, we encourage the development of entirely new props, editing techniques, visual effects, and web design elements in order to bring something unique to each client.

If you’re looking for more of the same, look elsewhere. Onzego creates brand-defining imagery and content that leaves a lasting impression.

Our Services

Product photography
Video production
VFX effects
2D/3D animation
Web design
Crowdfunding campaign design
Social media content
Product design
Brand identity design
New Perspectives

Our international team boasts members from around the globe. Our differences in culture, language, education, and creativity form a crucible in which the best ideas are born.

Timely Delivery

A wealth of experience working on time-sensitive crowdfunding projects has made us uniquely suited to multitasking and meeting deadlines. We often assemble multiple teams to work on different aspects of a project simultaneously.    

Affordable Pricing

Onzego’s base of operations in Ukraine and our streamlined collaboration with team members via the web allow us to keep costs low. We have access to the same leading technology and top talent, but you pay less.